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  • Customer enters venue with a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device

  • Passively capture Audience Analytics, no application download or network connection is required by the consumer

  • Venue offers Wi-Fi as a value-add and presents customer with a branded Wi-Fi login splash page

  • Customer joins open Wi-Fi network via email, SMS or social profile

  • Grow a smarter marketing list and gain a deeper understanding of your customers

  • Reward and retain your customers with automated marketing rules based on location

47% of consumers want to receive coupons and discounts on their mobile device when they enter a store.


  • Number of access points online and offline for all your venues

  • Number of WiFi sign-ins for all your venues

  • Average number of visitors for all your venues

  • Venue list of summary, including number of WiFi sing-ins and upcoming campaigns at a store level