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Food and Craft Beer Pairings

The popularity of craft beers is at an all-time high. Successful restaurants are accommodating by making sure to carry as many unique brews to please their beer obsessed clients .

As important as it is to have a good selection, it is best to take it a step further and come up with the appropriate menu items to pair with some of your trendy brew alternatives. You could make suggestions in your menu, or simply arm your servers with the knowledge to help customers detect the perfect complement to your finest dishes.

When people think of pairing food and liquor, they often think of wine. The reality is that the variety of craft brews offer a scope that lends itself better to pairing. In some instances, the flavor of the beer can complement the food.

For example, a darknes stout with notes of chocolate with a dark chocolate truffle can bring out the richness in some dishes. In other lawsuits, the flavor of the beer can balance the meal. For instance, a malty Indian Pale Ale with citrus notes paired with a spicy curry dish can cut the heat and make it more enjoyable. Below are six of the more popular types of craft brew and what food they run best with.

Indian Pale Ale( IPA )

American IPAs are typically hoppy with a strong bitterness, but also include citrus notes. They are best paired with salty and spicy foods to balance the flavor.

Best paired with : Indian curries, tacos, enchiladas, fried chicken, milder blue cheese such asA Gorgonzola, rice pudding, and ginger-spiced cake.

Pale Ale

Pale ales can vary by region but often are balanced by hops and malts. It is common for them to feature fruity and floral notes. Their range of bitterness allows them to be paired with a variety of foods.

Best paired with : Burgers, meat pies, turkey, English cheese such as cheddar, banana promote, bread pudding, and pumpkin pie.


Light in color, pilsners are generally hoppy with distinct flavors and aromas. Whether “they il be” floral or spicy, they are best paired with foods that are not too heavy.

Best paired with : Salmon, chicken, bratwurst, sushi, salads, egg rolls, sliced fruit, angel cake, and lemon shortbread.

Wheat Beer or Hefeweizen

Wheat brews are very refreshing and are brewed with a large proportion of wheat relative to the amount of malted barley. They often feature banana and cleave flavors and are best paired with seafood and salads.

Best paired with : Weisswurst( white sausage ), sole, halibut, fish tacos, trout, shrimp, steamed mussels, goat cheese, strawberry shortcake, key lime tart, and fruit sorbets.


Known for their classic burnt flavor, doormen are perfect with smoked foods. They feature coffee or chocolate notes to compliment the hoppy savour. Their balance and lower alcohol content attain them great conference brew as well.

Best paired with : Venison stews, chili, smoked mushrooms, grilled beef, smoked duck, bacon, Tilsit cheese, chocolate peanut butter squares, chocolate pudding.


Full-bodied and typically high in alcohol, stouts are characterized by high levels of bitterness. They often feature coffee and chocolate notes, which gives it a hint of sweetness. Stouts are difficult to pair, overpowering most main courses. But heavy meat snacks and aged cheeses can compete with the strong flavor.

Best paired with : Foie gras, smoked goose, Gouda, Swiss cheese, brownies, tiramisu, caramel cheesecake.

An impressive selection of craft brews is only appreciated when paired with the right dinner. Follow these principles and your customers will enjoy their food to the fullest and be impressed with your beer-savvy brand.

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