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How to Turn Customers Into Digital Advocates

Innovative ways to use WiFi marketing are being tested every day. Two promising uses include becoming ever more online the examinations and boosting social media presence.

Online reviews are invaluable because theyave been shown to directly translate to revenue. A Harvard Business School review found that a one-star difference on Yelp can impact a restaurantas revenue by 5-9 %.

Similarly, growing an engaged social following is a top fear for every eatery marketer because itas an effective way to launch promotions and be participating in customers.

WiFi marketing can help achieve both these objectives in four ways 😛 TAGEND When customers successfully sign-in to your WiFi they can be automatically redirected to a page of your choice. To gain more online reviews, you are able to make this URL your Yelp business page, making it quick and easy for customers to leave reviews. To boost your social media presence, you are able to make it your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media account of your selection, permitting customers to easily follow you. You can direct people to your restaurant website and include a call-to-action to follow you on social media. You can also use the additional branding opportunities to display your social media handles, content from your accounts, and reviews left from other customers. For instance, an Instagram image can be used on the splashing page and a client review can be featured in the copy.

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