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Perfect Summer Wines to Include on Your Restaurant Wine List

Summer is here. With the warm climate arrives new dishes and beverages to celebrate the season .

Your loyal customers will want to know what drink best complements their dinner, and with a wide variety of wines, it is easy to get intimidated by the options. Here are five popular summertime wines, and what meals to best pair them with.


A popular option for its versatility, Chardonnay is perfect for summertime. Named after the green grape it is made from, this white wine is light and crisp. This stimulates it enjoyable on sunny afternoons and warm evenings. Always serve chilled, and offer it alongside your best chicken and seafood dishes. Summer fruit are also a great pairing and dedicate a reason to have a glass after your dinner with a light dessert or while enjoying a snack on the patio.

Best paired with : Fish, seafood, chicken, fruit and light snacks
Our pickings : Township 7 Unoaked; Chehalem INOX Willamette Valley


Pinot Noir

When people think of summer, they think of white wine. But some popular summertime foods are better paired with a wonderful red like Pinot Noir. It is lighter than many other reds and can be served somewhat chilled. Great with dark meats and smoked BBQ fare, an easy to drink Pinot Noir is perfect for summer.

Best pairedA with : Steaks, red meat, smoked foods, and BBQ
Our pickings : Henry of Pelham a Estatea ; Sticks Yarra Valley


Riesling is great afternoon white that is perhaps the most versatile wine on this list. Ranging from dry to sweet, it can be paired with a broad range of dishes. Dry Riesling should be served chilled and paired with seafood, grilled chicken, or desserts. The sweeter Rieslings should be served somewhat warmer, and go well with spicy foods and summertime fruit such as berries. Great on its own, dona t be surprised when customers merely want to pair it with someA great climate out on the patio.

Best paired with : Spicy dishes, salty snacks, seafood, and desserts
Our pickings : Leitz Dragonstone Rheingau; Ravine Vineyard a Sand& Gravela


Cabernet Sauvignon

Known for its rich flavors, Cabernet Sauvignon is the red wine to match the big flavor of grilled meats. It is typically high in alcohol and tannin( a compound may be in grapes ). These stimulate the wine have a dryer savor, but the fats and proteins in bold grilled meat bring out the fruity notes in Cabernet Sauvignon. Just make sure to not pair with delicate dishes that will be overwhelmed.

Best paired with : Brisket, roasted duck, venison, lamb, and steaks
Our picks : Yalumba Coonawarra; Arboleda Single Vineyard

Pinot Grigio

For wine fans looking for a little more sweetness in their whites, Pinot Grigio is a perfect summer sipper. Sweeter than Chardonnay, it is best with dishes that have a little more spice by offering a nice compliment to those sharp flavors. Pinot Grigio also pairs well with salty snacks like chips with salsa or guacamole for the same reason. A summer staple for many wine enthusiasts.

Best paired with : Chicken, fish, seafood, and spicy or salty snacks
Our picks : Tesoro della Regina; Russiz Superiore


Carrying the right wines is essential to the success of eateries. Whether you are a wine expert or not, you are bound to have clients that are. It is also equally important to arm your staff with the knowledge to pair these wines so that your food and drink menu work in harmony so customers can experience the best of both.

If your brand is more about being on top of the latest craft brews, check out our guide on how to best pair popular craft brewsA with your menu.

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