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SMS marketing - bulk service

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Application Features

  • Personalized Text Messages
    Capture your contacts’ attention with personalized text messages.
  • Automated Responses
    Follow up on text replies using marketing automation.
  • Address book and reports
    Create groups of users in different address books and generate detailed reports for every campaign.

SMS is highly effective for reaching out to customers. SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received. This makes SMS great for appointment reminders, limited time contests and coupon promotions.

  • Discover
    Discover how to improve your campaigns by reviewing detailed reports so you can boost engagement.
  • Organize
    Organize SMS campaigns with easy SMS campaign creation, automated personalization and unsubscribe management.
  • Communicate
    Communicate with customers using one of the fastest and most popular marketing methods.


per month



5.000 sms: 75 eur

to 10.000: 0,015 eur/SMS

10.000 sms: 130 eur

10.001 - 20.000: 0,012 eur/SMS

20.000 sms: 230 eur

20.001 - 50.000: 0,011 eur/SMS

50.000 sms: 530 eur

50.001 - 100.000: 0,010 eur/SMS

100.000 sms: 975 eur

more than 100.001: 0,009 eur/SMS

Prices are for sending messages in Serbia