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Foodable Weekly- How Turnstyle is Helping Restaurants Help Clients

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, more and more businesses are looking forA technology to help them gain an edge up the very competitive market .

Over 31% of the current restaurant tendencies are focused on tech answers with technology continuing to be a trending topic, as more daily tasks become digitized and equipment becomes more streamlined and efficient. Turnstyle devotes restaurants a competitive advantage by turning their free guest WiFi into a marketing tool. As a result, this dedicates eatery proprietors access to customer insights and the ability to send proximity-based messages.

As one of the top companies in the WiFi marketing industry, Turnstyle was featured on Foodable Network at the 2017 National Restaurant Association display.

According to the FoodableA Network article, “Turnstyle applies their hardware to a restaurant’s WiFi. By letting a restauranta s patrons to easily log in to the WiFi utilizing social media accounts, clients are satisfied and the restaurants now have access to demographic and predilection data on their customers. This devotes restaurants a leg up by being able to more easily quantify their customer base, so they can provide better experiences for them.”

Kyle Ungerman, an Associate Account Executive with Turnstyle tells it best, a For the operators in the restaurant industry, Turnstyle is a great way to way clients, construct allegiance and bring repeat customers back to the restaurant.a

Turnstyle recognizes that there are massive the chance of helping great local business better connect with their clients, which enables them to grow faster, reach more potential clients, and unlock new opportunities.

Interested in learning more about how Turnstyle can help your restaurant help your clients?


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