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Wi-Fi Marketing- Perfect for Restaurants

Wi-Fi marketing platforms are an effective way of driving more repeat visits into your business in a way that is extremely easy to setup and oversee. It allows you to do much more than simply offer free wireless internet.

In a nutshell, it’s a really fast way for you to collect emails and build a client database in exchange for the free Wi-Fi that you provide for guests, but that’s just the beginning.

What good is having a bunch of emails if you can’t do anything with them? Perhaps you already engage in some sort of email marketing? If so, that’s great! You can export these emails into your current system on a daily basis and carry on as usual.

But perhaps you don’t do any email marketing and perhaps the thought of taking on another project stimulates you grovel. Well, the good news is that Wi-Fi marketing takes care of all the headaches associated with setting up and discovering email marketing.

Plus, it delivers outcomes !

Wi-Fi marketing - perfect for restaurants

How it Works?

Instead of signing in to your Wi-Fi with a password, guests sign-in with their email( or phone number, Facebook profile, Twitter handle, etc .).

Once they successfully sign in, they get the free Wi-Fi that they’re looking for( yay !) and you get their contact info- which is another way of saying, you get an easy way to communicate with them and get them to visit more often which makes you most profitable!

Finally, that Wi-Fi that you pay for every month is starting to make you fund!

What Can it Do?

We mentioned that it makes it really easy to collect emails and construct your patron database, which is great if you already have an email marketing program set up.

For those of you who don’t have an email program put in, have no fear. Wi-Fi marketing lets you easily specify and forget a series of email messages.

For example, let’s say it’s Monday evening and you have 15 minutes of spare time. You can write a single email to promote your Thursday night wing special, schedule it to go out on Thursday at 5pm( right when people are looking for a home to feed that evening) and then hit save. On Thursday at 5pm, as you’re prepping for the nighttime, hundreds of potential clients will receive your email that you scheduled periods before.

You could even take it a stair further and tempts them with a digital voucher placed right inside of the email content. Pretty neat huh?

( Check out some other automated email campaigns people have created )Wi-Fi marketing - perfect for restaurants

Who Uses It?

Almost any business that offers guest Wi-Fi stands to benefit from Wi-Fi marketing, however, eateries, saloons, nightclubs and cafes get the most value from it.

To devote some context, Subway Restaurant is currently use a Wi-Fi marketing platform across 700+ sites and have seen that customers who participate in the Wi-Fi marketing program, visit twice as frequently than those who do not.

Below is what the process consider this to be for you and your clients :Wi-Fi marketing - perfect for restaurants

Key Takeaways

  • Wi-Fi doesn’t have to cost you money, it can actually make you money
  • Wi-Fi marketing makes it easy to collect email addresses for your customer database
  • Wi-Fi marketing is effective, effortless to manage and a perfect fit for restaurants

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