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Viber service - sending promotional messages and notifications

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The VIBER message service allows you:

  • Sending messages up to 1000 characters long
    Your promotional Viber message can have up to 1000 characters including special characters, foreign letters, emoticons...
  • Call-To-Action buttons
    Each Viber message can have CTA button that links to an external web address
  • Messages can include picture
    Another advantage of the Viber messaging service is sending message that includes picture
  • Different types of messages
    Viber message can be personalized, marketing or transaction message

Promote your brand using world's largest CHAT aplication Viber

Viber service is activated in three steps

  • Sender activation - In order to use Viber service you need to have your own unique sender
  • Greeting message - The first message you send to your users will be a welcome message. Let them know you are on Viber and that you will send them attractive offers and discounts
  • Service start - Now you are ready to communicate with your users via Viber! Don't forget to use all the advantages of Viber service! You can achieve excellent results!
viber servis slanje marketinskih poruka i notifikacija

Viber messages are the great complement to the SMS service. If your customer do not use Viber application, there is an option to send SMS message instead.