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How to Budget Facebook Advertising Campaigns for Restaurants

As simple as it is to start advertising on Facebook, the sheer sum of options when starting outA canA seem overwhelming .

Like any marketing campaign, the goal is to get the most bang for your buck. There is no one right answer for how much a eatery should spend on Facebook ads, but there is a best option for your desired outcome. Understanding the different tools Facebook offers potential advertisers will ensure that you will get results within your budget. Learn how to work within your budget with these tips-off on Facebook advertising campaigns for restaurants.

What are you paying for ?

When creating any Facebook advertisement, you first defined your budget. You can choose whether you prefer a daily budget, or a total lifetime budget, where you can decide how long the campaign will operate. This can be as little as five dollars a day. If you choose to go with the daily budget, you can change the spending amount at any time.

You also choice what you are paying for, whether it is for 1,000 impressions or one connection click. This is different than what the ad is a optimized for (more on that afterwards). If you are trying to reach as many eyeballs as is practicable, impressions could be more valuable. However, if your campaign has a call-to-action, like a special offer or an attempt to get more Facebook likes on your page, the link click is the more desirable outcome.

The best way to ascertain what budget and charging methods works for you is to experiment. You can duplicate an ad and tinker with the budget to decide whether you are paying per click or 1,000 impressions and compare the data. After a few $10 week-long campaigns, you should know which options are providing the best results.

Who am I targeting ?

A well thought out ad is only useful if it reaches the right people. Facebook has over a billion daily users, so they give you plenty of options when it comes to which people you want to target. By choosing the right objective for your campaign, you can maximize the results of each dollar you spend. The objectives are laid out intoA three categories.

Awareness objectives produce interest in your eatery. This would be great for a new eatery, especially with the option to choose the specific location radius that you are targeting. The potential impressions may go down, but one click from a potential local customer is worth more than 100 from across the country.

Consideration objectives encourage users to start looking for more information about your business. This could be in the form of directing users to your website, or inspiring customers to engage with posts with comments and likes to increase brand loyalty. Introducing a new menu? Use a Facebook advertising campaign to get people talking about the mouth-watering video of how the most wonderful item is prepared.

Conversion objectives are a call-to-action for users to make a purchase at your eatery. This could be in the form of a coupon or special event that you want to bring to the attention of your local foodies.

Which one is the right for you? It depends on the specific ad. Similarly to the budgetary resources options, experimentation is the best way to discover your restaurants most successful technique. Try different campaigns that target different groups and settle on which are stables moving forward.

Where does my fund go ?

The exact sum you are charged is based on a complex algorithm that factors in the relevance, feedback, and estimated action-rate. Basically, every time an ad appears on any users feed, an a auction takes place behind the scenes that factors in the users propensities and how much the advertiser is willing to bid. Billions of these happen each day to ensure that ads only reach their desired audience.

There is a manual bid option to set what you are willing to pay, but when starting out, it is best to use Facebook’s automatic bid option. They then calculate the bid with the goal of spending your entire budget and getting you the most out of your ad. By default, an ad is created with automatic bidding and that can be changed in the Ads Manager. After tracking the detailed analytics, you gain more insight as toA how your ads are performing and can tinker with manual bid rates if you feel confident.

Facebook tries to simplify this complicated process with an a Calculated Daily Results meter that changes as you adjust your target audience and budget. This gives you a visual representation of what adjusting your budget means.

At the end of the day, only you know what works best for your business. The magnificence of Facebook advertising campaigns for restaurants is how inexpensive they are to launching, and how well the data is tracked. Because of this, experimenting is easy and is a low-risk way to discover the best method of marketing your restaurant.

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